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Domain authority

What is Domain authority?

In earlier times, page ranking was used to check the website quality. But it is not the same today! Now, domain and page authority are there to serve the same purpose for us. Domain Authority is the range of 1 to 100 that defines the score of the quality of the website and backlinking pages or pages. It is pretty obvious that a high DA will result in high ranking of your website. With this you can also compare your website with your competitors.

Tips To Improve Domain Authority Of Your Website!


The Website owners and marketers who aim to increase the search engine rankings must be familiar with the facts and various methods to improve the domain authority score for their website.

Let us discuss some factors that must be considered to raise the Domain Authority count –

(i) You must extend your domain expiry date by a few years. It will boost up the website credibility and achieve a better DA score.

(ii) High-quality backlinks will affect your DA score as well. More inbound links – better DA count – high ranking and vice versa.

(iii) Remove bad backlinks from non-credible websites. It will reduce the spamming score as well for your website.

(iv) You can prefer to provide Internal Linking to your site. A lot of relevant pages can be viewed with this.

(v) Creating high-quality content for your website is the best option. It provides a genuine source for the users.

(vi) Never ignore the significance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. Focus on your target keywords while creating your content. It would be best if you consider meta titles and descriptions of your homepage.

(vii) Pay attention to the loading speed of your website. As the search engines also prefer your website’s loading time for checking the website’s search engine ranking. It must not be more than 3 seconds.

(viii) Social Media Marketing is also very important. You have to be sure about the website’s or brand’s presence on social media and circle. It is more beneficial for your website.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Using Domains?


Domain names identify the Internet resources like computers, networks, and services that furnish a text-based label that is easy to keep in mind other than the numerical addresses that are often used in the Internet protocols. A domain name represents the entire collection of such resources with several host names including the leaf labels in DNS without any subordinate domain name space. Domain names create a unique identity for your Internet resource. A generic domain defines a general category rather various companies have created brands on the basis of the generic names provide to their device.

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