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What is a Domain name

What Is A Domain Name In The Context Of the Website?


The Domain names are the labels or list of names that are used to identify one or a combination of various IP addresses. Several domain names are customized with the website name to make it a professional lookout in terms of URLs. These URLs are used devised to identify the particular Web pages to differentiate the domestic and commercial, profitable and non-profitable organizations, government and private agencies.

For Instance: We can consider some suffixes to use the names of these websites and their domain names.


There are some common domains such as:

gov – Used for government agencies

edu – Used for Educational institutions

org – Used for Non-Profit Organizations

mil – Used for Military

com – Used for Commercial Business and many more.


Because the Internet is based on links and IP addresses and not the domain names, so, a Domain Name System(DNS) is required by every server, the server that is used to translate the website or business domain names into IP addresses.


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