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Rules and regulations

Rules And Regulations To Be Followed!


People often claim the administrative power for the functioning of the domain names. Particularly the Site Finder system is authorized to redirect all domain names. They were surprised by the change in the fundamental behavior of the Internet infrastructure. It assumed that every Internet query was related to the website, and it penalizes them for the incorrect domain names. Unfortunately, a lack of response to the domain name query and the message could be treated as undeliverable. But later, it broke the assumption for mail as it would always resolve an invalid domain name to that of SiteFinder. While this behavior about this system was still widespread, making its financial interest than in the importance of the infrastructure of the Internet.

ICANN threatened the administration to revoke its contract and withhold the root name servers. ICANN also published the committee reports, including the extensive set of letters and ICANN decisions. As it was a severe issue of the attempt to create a non-credible top-level domain, and thus it sparked a greater interest in the establishment of the alternative DNS roots that would be administered beyond the control of any single country.

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